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Increase your rental portfolio
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With Multifamily Apartments

Let’s start by defining

Multifamily real estate are multiple dwellings in the one building – most often in the form of apartments.

The great thing about investing in Multifamily real estate is you get the same growth you would from an apartment investment – but multiplied.

It’s a safer way to invest in property, and often Multifamily properties remain cash positive even with a couple of dwellings untenanted.

We could sit here and talk all day about the benefits of investing in Multifamily real estate… but why not hear what others are saying.

“3 Reasons to Invest in Multi-family Real Estate”
“Why Multifamily Real Estate is the best investment I’ve made.”

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Consolidate your rental
  • Properties are leased by LJ Hooker, who take full responsibility of tenanting.
  • Properties are maintained by a comprehensive body corporate


Let’s crunch some numbers


Apartment Block

Costs NZ

1.55 million


9 dwellings

Guarnteed Net Return


A commercial property’s value is always attached to the underlying rent. As the rental payments increase through three-yearly rental reviews, the value of your property will increase as well.

Each block is individually leased to LJ Hooker Apartments for an initial term of 9 years, with two rights of renewal of 6 years each.

With such a lease, your investment is secured for up to 21 years

As you would expect over 21 years, Auckland’s rental market will continue to grow, as will your investment.

Welcome to the
big boys club.

Increase your rental portfolio, Accelerate your Wealth
with Multifamily Apartments.